Service Offerings Include:

  • Power & Electrical Systems
  • Raised Access Flooring
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Emergency Response




















































Computer Sites Inc. in Denver, CO offers a variety of products and services which incorporate the latest designs and technology for your data center or other controlled environment. Equipment and services can be quoted separately or provided as a total integrated/package solution. CSI consulting services for decisions and specifications involving equipment type and sizing are highly recommended during the planning stage for all projects.


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Providing specialty power for today’s new computers, routers and blade servers is becoming increasingly critical. Power needs in a data center demand reliable, redundant and stable power sources. Often considered a costly and confusing problem for IT departments, Computer Sites Inc. provides a variety of services to help you take control of your power needs.

  • Survey PDUs and power panels to determine potential problems
  • Phase Balancing
  • Fueling generators
  • Updating power panel schedules (mapping)
  • Assessing power requirements


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Raised access flooring is the foundation of a functional, state of the art, data center. Maximizing the functionality of your most expensive floor space is vital. Computer Sites Inc. of Denver, CO offers a variety of solutions to help you correct issues relating to your floor space.

  • Cleaning
  • Floor cut-outs
  • Re-level and repair existing floor systems
  • New and used parts for existing floor systems


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Being able to control the data center’s environment with regard to temperature and humidity are key components of a reliable and stable room. Advances in computer hardware have led to additional demands on your air conditioning. Computer Sites Inc. has anticipated these changes and developed new design models to meet your needs. We can help you regain control of your site and offer solutions for both near term and future requirements.

  • Air flow analysis
  • Static air surveys
  • Re-balancing room temperatures
  • Removing hot spots
  • Install turning vanes to maximize air flow
  • Particulate counts


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The fire system over a data center is a key component to safe guard against catastrophic loss of data. Losing data or systems by fire and water is an expensive and time consuming event. Computer Sites Inc. understands this concept and will help you maintain this essential component of your data center. We offer a number of services that will keep your system working properly and limit the risks associated with faulty alarms, outdated designs or an improperly maintained system.

  • Perform semi-annual inspections
  • Re-engineer existing fire systems
  • Certify fire extinguishers
  • Portable air sampling systems
  • System audits
  • Gas replacement


What do you do when things go wrong? Who can you rely on to handle your company’s emergencies? Computer Sites Inc. offers a variety of methods to monitor and detect immediate or escalating problems in your data center. We give you coverage on a 24 x 7 basis. In many cases we will be coordinating and dispatching a response team to your location before you are even aware of a potential problem.

  • Environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and noise level
  • Equipment such as generators, UPS, PDU, air-conditioning, and fire systems
  • Water detection


  • Portable/Temp power
  • Portable/Temp cooling
  • Facility clean-up and restoration


Technology advancements in this field can help any IT department forecast potential problems before they become a reality. Computer Sites Inc. uses the latest technologies including portable air sampling systems, particulate count measurement, infrared electrical inspection and air flow analysis. Call Computer Sites Inc. to discuss these early warning techniques.